Reviewing your P2’s settings

Once your workspace and your first P2 are ready, the next step is to review its settings. To access the Site settings panel, click on the menu next to the P2 name and select Site settings.

The site settings live in the admin panel, and look like this:

Site profile

In this area you can:

  • Add a site icon (it will take you to the Customizer).
  • Update your P2 name (Site title).
  • Update your P2 description (Site tagline).
  • Set the site’s language and timezone.

Once you’ve changed the settings, click on the ‘Save settings’ button to save them.


This area defines the privacy settings of your P2. You can make your P2 public, or keep it private.

  • A public P2 is visible to everyone, even people you don’t know. You can discourage search engines from indexing the contents of the P2 though, but it’s up to them to honor this request.
  • A private P2 (the default setting) is only visible to you and logged-in members that you approve. A log in screen will be shown to everyone else. Search engines don’t index any content.

Site tools

Here you can.

  • Delete your content, which keeps everything as it is but removes all posts, pages and media.
  • Delete your P2 permanently.

Categories and tags

You can customize the categories and tags used on your P2 in the Writing tab.

Other settings

We recommend leaving the rest of the settings with the default values, as they’re the ideal to make the most out of P2. However, feel free to explore them — you can learn more about them in this support doc.

Once you’ve finished adjusting your P2 settings, click on the ‘View’ button at the top of the left menu. That will take you back to your P2’s homepage.