P2 supports GitHub embeds. If you paste a GitHub link to an issue, pull request, or milestone, you’ll get an embed with all the important details.

How to use it

Simply copy a GitHub link (for example, in the case of issues it’ll look like and paste it in the editor. It’ll automatically create a GitHub embed block showing a preview of the issue, pull request or milestone.

This preview will show information like the title, id, date or status. It’ll update automatically as the status of the linked item changes on GitHub.

Connecting your private GitHub repository

In order to get GitHub embeds for links to private repositories, you need to connect your P2 workspace with your GitHub repository.

To connect a private GitHub repository to a P2 workspace, visit the Integrations section of your workspace’s admin area. The user has to be an administrator in order to be able to connect a GitHub repository.

Connecting your Github repository can be done simply by using the Connect button and following the GitHub authentication.

Useful resources