Your dashboard in Slack

Using the /p2 Slack command will require you to connect your P2 and Slack accounts. Afterwards it will act as a P2 dashboard within Slack.

From there you can see which P2s will send new post notifications to the current channel and also manage your preferences for mention’s notifications and URL previews.

Embed Slack messages into P2 posts by pasting an URL

You can paste a Slack message url directly in a P2 post and it will be embedded with proper styling.

This will work only for messages that are visible to the @P2 bot. If you want the bot to have access to the messages of one of you channels/conversations just invite it by typing /invite @P2 in Slack.

Embed Slack messages into P2 posts using the Slack embed block

The Slack embed block will only be available to P2s that have a Slack connection enabled.

As with pasting a Slack message URL, only messages that are visible to the @P2 bot can be embedded.

Copying and pasting Slack conversations into P2

You can copy messages from Slack and just paste them into P2 posts.

This works like a regular copy/paste, there are no restrictions on which Slack workspace you are using or if the messages are private or not.

This works with multiple messages or threads as well.

Previews for P2 urls

Whenever you share a URL of a private P2 site from your workspace, the app will try to show a preview of it.

Previews will work only for users that have connected their P2 and Slack accounts, that way we make sure they have access to the contents of the URL.

This can be disabled for the URLs that you are sharing from the /p2 dashboard.

User mention notifications

After you connect your P2 and Slack accounts you will received Slack notifications whenever your P2 user is mentioned in a P2 post.

You can always turn these off from the /p2 Slack command dashboard.

New post notifications

You can subscribe Slack channels to receive new post notifications for P2 sites in your workspace. A channel can be subscribed to multiple P2s.

This can be achieved with the /p2 subscribe <url> Slack command only by users that have their Slack and P2 accounts connected.

How to use it

Connecting your Slack workspace

The P2 and Slack connection is exclusive, meaning that a Slack workspace can only be connected to a single P2 workspace, and at the same time a P2 workspace can only have one Slack workspace connected.

To connect a Slack workspace to a P2 workspace, visit the Tools \ Integrations section in the admin area of your hub. The user has to be an administrator in order to be able to connect a Slack workspace.

Connecting your Slack Workspace can be done simply by using the Connect button and following the Slack authentication.

Make sure you chose the correct Slack workspace you’d like to connect if you have multiple.

From the same Integrations page you should be able to Disconnect the Slack account from your P2 workspace. All settings will be preserved unless you connect to a different Slack workspace.

The only downside of disconnecting is that if you connect your Slack account back you will have to re-invite the @P2 Slack bot to all of your channels.

Connecting your own Slack and P2 accounts

Once you’ve connected your Slack workspace to your P2 workspace, there should be @P2 bot in your Slack workspace.

In order to take advantage of all of the features we recommend all the users in a P2 workspace to connect their own P2 and Slack user accounts. That way the system can verify if a Slack user has access to P2 content. You can do that by using the /p2 Slack command and following the instructions.

Once the users are connected, the /p2 Slack command can be used as a dashboard for the integration where each user can update their settings or disconnect the P2 and Slack accounts.

Note: Subscribing to new posts and unfurling private P2 urls will only work for users that are authenticated and have connected their P2 and Slack accounts.

Useful resources