P2 Menu widget

The Menu widget allows you to add a menu on the sidebar. This menu can have links to external websites, or to posts and pages in the same P2.

How to add a menu to the sidebar

  1. Open the Customizer from the P2 options menu.
  1. In the Customizer, select Widgets. You may also need to select the widget area Primary Sidebar.
  2. Click Add a Widget.
  3. Select P2 Menu.

Once the widget is added, you can customize it:

  1. The title displayed.
  2. The menu that will be shown.

Remember to click on the Save Changes button to publish your changes!

How to edit the links

  1. Open the Customizer.
  2. Select MenusLinks.

Here you can add, edit, reorder, and remove links. Learn more about menus in WordPress.com in this help doc.