Members, guests and visitors

There are three types of users in P2: members, guests and visitors.


A member is a full-fledged user in a workspace. This means that they’ll be able to join and participate in any of the P2s under that workspace.

Members can be mentioned in any P2. Members can have any user role. Members can search across all the P2s in the workspace.


A guest is a user of one specific P2, but not the whole workspace. This means that they’ll be able to join, read and participate in the specific P2 they’ve been invited to, but won’t see or be able to access any other P2s in that workspace.

Guests are particularly useful when a workspace has several P2s. For example, a design agency may set up a separate P2 for each one of their clients. The agency employees (project managers, designers, etc.) would be members of the workspace so they can read and participate in all the discussions with the clients. The clients, however, would be invited as guests to specific P2s so they can’t access the discussions with other clients.

You can invite guests for free, with a limit of 5 guests per paid member. Guests can be invited to several P2s in the same workspace, but every time they join a P2 it counts as one guest seat.

Guests can only be mentioned in P2s they’ve joined. Guests can have any user role. Guests can only search within the P2s they’re part of.


A visitor is somebody that accesses a public P2 but isn’t a member or a guest. Depending on the P2’s settings they may be able to leave comments, but they won’t be able to create new posts or pages.

Visitors can only search within the P2 they’re visiting.