The workspace

A P2 workspace is where teams, organizations and groups get together to work and collaborate. Each workspace is made up of one or more P2s (which is how we call the internal blogs where all the content lives), and provides some workspace-level tools.

This is how a workspace’s homepage looks like. It has four P2s.

All the P2s in a workspace are interconnected, so you can search across all of them at once and crosspost from one to another. It also allows you to have have a shared glossary, manage users from a centralized place, and many other advantages that aren’t possible with independent single P2s.

They’re a fundamental tool to empower team communication at scale, as it allows you to create and manage different P2s for different projects, teams, or topics, while keeping everything under the same roof.

Creating P2s in a workspace

When you create a workspace from scratch, a P2 is automatically created for you. You can then invite people to become members of the whole workspace, or guests to a specific P2. (You can learn more about Members, Guests and Visitors in this help doc.)

You can create more P2s by clicking the “Create a new P2” button in the All P2s section. This will take you to a form where you’ll need to enter a name for the P2 (that you’ll be able to change at any time), and optionally, a description.

Note: You’ll need to upgrade to P2+ to have more than one P2 in a workspace.