Does P2 integrate with Slack?

Yes!. There is information on the Slack Integration here on P2Updates and instructions on how to set up Slack here on P2Help.

Is the public-facing version of P2 pretty much identical to Automattic’s one, or is the internal version customized?

P2 front-end is the same as the version Automattic uses internally. Automattic runs the same version plus some features that are not ready for production yet, but that we are going to offer in the future.

Will the P2 theme be removed now that it’s a standalone product?

The P2 theme will still be supported for people using it, but we’ll be moving new users to the new P2.

How do companies use the new P2 — is it an app, a plugin, or something else?

It’s web-based, but it’s also accessible via the WordPress mobile apps.

When will a self-hosted version be available?

There will eventually be a self-hosted version.

Can I use plugins for my P2?

P2 is designed to not have plugins and as it’s a free product there is no option to upgrade to a paid plan that offers plugins. So we don’t currently offer the ability to run plugins.

Are there ads running on my P2 site?

No. We removed all ads on P2s. WordAds is also not an option for P2s.

Can I switch my P2 to another theme?

P2 is a product made for a single theme so we don’t offer theme changes.

Can I get a custom domain for my P2?

Not currently but we plan to offer this option.

How many P2s will we be able to create?

Unlimited. For the free plan, each site does have the standard free site limit of 3GB.