P2 differs from standard WordPress sites in that by default anyone with any type of user permissions will get email and other notifications for every new post. To follow comments on the posts users will need to click the follow button below the post.

Notifications are one of several windows to track activity in P2s. We think of Notifications as a magnifier for Stats: you can zoom in to see exactly who did what and then connect with them.

Admin Bar

You can view your Notifications while on any P2 directly from the Admin Bar.



Use filters to only view one particular type of notification. “All” will show every type of notification, and “Unread” will display notifications you haven’t clicked on yet. Additionally, you can filter notifications by type — Comments, Follows, and Likes.

Note: only the latest 100 notifications will be displayed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

With keyboard shortcuts managing your Notifications has never been easier.

n : Open/Close the notifications menu (make sure you aren’t currently typing in a text box first).
j / k or ↓ / ↑: Navigate through your notifications.
← / → : Show details or go back to list of notifications.

Filter Shortcuts

a : Select “All” filter.
u : Select “Unread” filter.
c : Select “Comments” filter.
f : Select “Follows” filter.
l : Select “Likes” filter.

Detail View Shortcuts

r : Start replying to a comment notification.
a : Approve/Unapprove a comment.
l : Like/Unlike a comment.
s : Mark comment as spam ( u : undo).
t : Trash a comment ( u : undo).

Browser Notifications

If you want to receive notifications in your browser, even when you’re not actively using, check out our Browser Notifications support page.

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