Email notifications

Standard Emails

  • Posts. Every new post on P2s will be emailed to every P2 member, unless you have opted out of email notifications.
  • Comments. Comments on posts can also be emailed but only if an member has opted in by clicking on the follow button at the bottom of a post.
  • Likes. You will also recieve an email whenever someone likes one of your posts or documents.
  • Invitation accepted. If you are an admin you will receive an email whenever someone has accepted your invitation to join your P2.
  • Access requested. If you are an admin you may receive emails with the message: “user requested access to your private site.” Clicking through you can allow or ignore the email. This happens in some cases where you have invited a user with one email address and they prefer another one

Managing P2 Emails

P2 notifications will be sent to the email address registered to your account.

To update your email address, visit your Account Settings or check out our Email Address guide for more information.

Account notifications sent to this address include:

You can change your activity notification preferences on the Notifications Settings page.

Can I reply to comment notification emails?

Yes. Comment Reply Via Email allows you to send a reply to a comment directly from the comment notification email.

Can I reply to likes or follow notification emails?

No. You cannot reply to any emails that come from

What if the emails are not getting through?

If you’re not receiving notification emails:

  • First check to make sure you are the author of the post.
  • Check the Discussion Settings page to make sure email notifications are activated.
  • Check the Notifications page to be sure you haven’t blocked all emails from
  • Check the spam folder in your email program to make sure the messages were not sent there by mistake.

If you are still having trouble, please contact Support for help and include an example of a post URL where you expected to receive a comment or other notification.

If you’re using Gmail, please check out our Gmail troubleshooting guide.

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