P2 Patterns

P2 Patterns are pre-made templates that you can add to a P2 post or page. You can invest some time to get the format and fields exactly as you want and then in subsequent posts you just apply the pattern, update, and share. Use case examples are a weekly update post or a sales call summary.

Anyone can use P2 Patterns, however, only P2 Administrators can create a Pattern.

Creating a Pattern

Option 1

Add a P2 Pattern as a Starter Button. This way, you can instantly create a post using a P2 Pattern directly from the P2 front page. With this quick and easy way to create a pattern once you click on the Post button you will see Patterns and below them is the Manage P2 Patterns option. Click here and if you are an admin you can click Add P2 Pattern button to create a new Pattern. You can also edit an existing button here.

To set a P2 Pattern as a Starter Button, go to the P2’s admin settings > P2 Patterns and click on the “Add to starter buttons” link when mousing over the pattern you want to add:

Option 2

Admins can go create/edit Patterns from the wp-admin dashboard for a P2.

From wp-admin go to the Patterns area.

You can create or edit Patterns for this P2 here by adding to the quickstart menu. You can also pin them, this will add a button to the top of the P2, in order to make using the Pattern quick and easy.

Using P2 Patterns

Any member of a P2 can use Patterns. There are two ways to use them:

Option 1

When making a new Post on a P2, click the Blue + symbol. Then switch from Blocks to Patterns and choose the specific pattern that you want to use for your post.

Option 2

The second option is only available if the pattern has been added to the New Posts button by an administrator. Once you click on the button you will see Patterns to apply: