Posts vs. Pages

There are key differences between posts and pages, and how they could be used in P2.


  • Posts in P2 are best for asynchronous communication.
  • Collaboration between multiple people is built upon the discussion generated in the comments.
  • Posts belong in a chronological stream. The date is relevant.
  • A post in P2 is conceptually equivalent to an email.

Posts can be used to share ideas or updates, get feedback, discuss topics, make decisions, etc.


  • Pages in P2 are ideal for stable information and global documentation of things that don’t need a lot of discussion.
  • The publishing date of a page is usually irrelevant.
  • Many people can contribute to the same page, updating or expanding it over time.
  • A page in P2 is conceptually equivalent to a Google Doc or a PDF.

Pages can be used to document processes, long-term plans, how-tos, company policies, etc.