Task and Project Status blocks

P2 includes a few blocks built for project tracking: the Task and the Project Status blocks.


The Task block is used to keep track of tasks that need to be done. It can be any time of tasks: from work to-dos, to things to do before a trip, grocery lists, etc.


To add a task, select it from the block picker. To mark something as done, just click on the checkbox on the left. You can click it again to un-do it.

Assigning tasks

Tasks can also be assigned to specific people. To do so, select a task and click on “Assign”. The person you select will receive a notification once the post or page is published, and their username will appear on the right side.

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Advanced options

Tasks support advanced options that can be tweaked from the editor’s sidebar:

  • Status: Aside of “pending” and “done”, tasks can be marked as “in progress”.
  • Start and due dates: Tasks can be delimited with a start and a due date.
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Project Status

When a post or page has many tasks, it’s useful to have a quick glance summary of how things are going. This can be done with the Project Status block.

To add a project status, select it from the block picker. It’ll display a progress bar of all the tasks in a post or page that will update automatically as tasks are marked as done.

A status can also display a due date for the whole project. To add it, just click on “Set due date” on the right side of the block, or on the editor’s sidebar.

When a Project Status block is present in a post or page, clicking on a task’s checkbox will cycle its status between “pending”, “in progress” and “done” — instead of just toggling between “pending” and “done”.