🧪 Collaboration is in Beta mode at the moment, available only to a limited group of users. Keep an eye on P2 Updates to know more about its full release.

Collaboration allows multiple users to edit the same page or post in real-time.

Multiple users editing a draft at the same time

This works for published content but also for drafts and there’s no special action needed to enable it. Just jump on editing a page or post or share a draft’s URL with someone else to start collaborating.

The top section of the editor will be updated with the avatars of all users editing the content other than yourself. Each peer has a different color associated to help identify which block are they editing.

Avatars of the different users collaborating on the top right

Each peer working on the editor can undo and redo their own actions without affecting someone else’s and collaboration also allows peers to edit the same block in real time.


Collaboration can become unavailable under some circumstances and this will disallow users to see each other’s changes in the editor.

Specifically, we know this can happen being connected to a proxy or VPN while using the browser Safari. If that’s the case for you and you see this error message repeatedly, we suggest a few solutions:

  • Use a browser other than Safari like Chrome or Firefox
  • Disconnect temporarily from the proxy or VPN in order to be able to collaborate

Reloading the editor can also help in some instances. If none of these work or you get this error message under different circumstances, please reach us out with a message in P2 feedback and we’ll do our best to help.