What is P2?

P2 is a communication tool for teams, based on private WordPress.com blogs. It provides a platform for calmed, asynchronous discussion — a space to share, discuss, review, and collaborate with your team in one spot, without interruptions.

We usually think of it as a shared inbox, a centralized place where your messages are accessible to your team members, instead of spread across multiple email inboxes, chats or third party products.

Still not sure? This guide may help you see the power of P2. You can also check these documents to learn how P2 is different to email, to chat, or to a traditional blog.

Is it only for teams?

We talk about teams, but you decide what your team is. It can be the people you work with, or your whole company, or just a small group of coworkers focused on a specific project.

It can also be your family, your friends, the people you climb mountains with, your photography club, or any other group of people you share interests with. As long as there’s something to share, spin up a new P2, invite everybody in and forget about lost messages and interminable email threads.

Some history

P2 is a product created by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce or Tumblr. As a fully distributed company, P2 has been the backbone of our internal communication for many years, replacing email completely.

In 2009, Automattic’s founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg wrote a blog post entitled How P2 Changed Automattic. Since that time Automattic has greatly expanded our P2 network to over 1000 P2 spaces used by more than 1200 employees, and has built a broad set of tools to manage this network.

Previous versions

Throughout this time, P2 has been a theme available on WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress sites. However, it was lacking many of the features built for the internal version.

In 2020, Automattic brought a new version of P2 to market. It’s at the moment only offered as a service on WordPress.com — although we plan to release an open source downloadable version in the future.