P2 vs. Wiki

  • With P2 having two communication modes – posts and pages – organizations can take advantage of the structure of a page that is similar to a wiki combined with the structure of a post that is similar to internal blogs.
  • In posts, P2 has a bigger emphasis on time/publication date when presenting content because of the feed. P2 makes it easier to consume the most recent content (also likely most relevant) whereas Confluence, Notion, or other wikis are more a collection of pages, regardless of publication date.
  • P2 being a network of blogs, is quite different from Confluence, and organizes information better. Each P2 can be customized depending on the use case (ie a wiki such as this one on P2 Help, a read-only announcements P2 like P2 Updates, a collaboration P2 with discussion such as this team demo P2, etc.).